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Client Login

Client Portal Login: Client Login to Personal Private Portal

Click the link above to bring you to your Personal Private Portal login screen!

Click on the link listed above and you will be able log in to your personal, private, fully secured and encrypted portal using the latest internet technology. Provided by Hoolsema & Company, LLC CPA. Thank You



Listed below are short videos that help explain and demonstrate how features of our client portals function. Please take a look!

Viewing Document Presentation Files

This video shows how to view, download, and print files through Document Presentation as often as necessary without having to request mailings or delivery. Length: 1:58

Viewing and Downloading Files from File Exchange

This video shows how to access and print files through the File Exchange module. Length: 2:29

Uploading Files to File Exchange

This video shows how to upload files to File Exchange, if we've given you permission to upload files. Length: 3:24

Entering Payroll Data in Remote Payroll Data Entry

This video shows the steps involved in entering payroll data through NetClient CS. Length: 4:46

Paying Invoices through the My Invoices Feature

This video demonstrates how to pay invoices using a NetClient CS portal after a notification email arrives. Length: 2:07

Printing Checks through Remote Check Printing

This video demonstrates how to print your own payroll and vendor checks through Remote Check Printing. Length: 2:36